Sandpiper Stomp


About Sandpiper Stomp

In Sandpiper Stomp, we’ll focus on laying a solid foundation in the shuffle rhythm in the Key of A. Then we’ll dress it up a bit with classic blues chord moves, licks and turnarounds.

Playing the shuffle rhythm requires a little more dexterity from your picking hand thumb than a steady bass tune. Because of that, I recommend checking out Back Porch Blues before tackling Sandpiper Stomp. But when you’re ready to jump into the shuffle rhythm, Sandpiper Stomp is a great starting place.

You’ll learn:

  • How to play the shuffle rhythm and the theory behind it
  • A few tips for working toward tough stretches common in shuffle blues
  • The structure of the A Blues scale

The shuffle rhythm is widely used in the Blues and any Blues picker worth their salt must have a command of the shuffle.  Get started by learning Sandpiper Stomp!


Your guide to becoming a better fingerstyle blues guitarist.

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