Blues Turnarounds You Can’t Live Without


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There are a few common threads tying together blues of many different styles. One such commonality is the heavy use of turnarounds in the final bars of a progression. Whether a typical 12 bar blues progression like “Sweet Home Chicago” or the quintessential 8 bar blues of “Key to the Highway,” the last 2 bars of a progression deserves special attention.

The reason is that these last 2 bars set you up nicely to begin the progression from the top.

I personally began collecting turnarounds of many varieties and it has truly been an asset to my playing. These little 2 bar parts are a ton of fun to play and become even more fun when you know how and when to use them.

In this course, I’ll arm you with a few staple acoustic blues turnarounds. I’ll also give you an example of how to use each turnaround.