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Helpful Prerequisites

This course will serve as a great way for the beginner guitarist to learn the all-important minor pentatonic scale.  You won’t need a ton of prior experience with scales to get the most out of this series of lessons.

That said, you’ll amplify your results in this course if you first know the names (A, B, C, D flat, etc) of each note along the fretboard.  Here is a series of lessons designed to get you up and running in this area:

  1. Learn the note names of the open strings
  2. Start with the notes on the 6th string
  3. Move on to the 5th and 4th strings separately
  4. Use octaves to learn the 3rd, 2nd and 1st string notes

Also, you’ll find it helpful but not necessary to have a working knowledge of the major scale and how it is constructed.  Check out this lesson to help you get up to speed with the major scale if you aren’t quite there yet:

I Wish I learned All of My Scales This Way

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