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There’s just no getting around it; you’ve got to know your scales. Luckily for blues guitarists, only a few extremely important scales rise to the top of the “must-know” list.

The major pentatonic scale is one of those.

The sweet sounds of major pentatonics are beautiful and unmistakable. Think: B.B. King and Dickey Betts. Unfortunately, getting the scale under your fingers in all positions usually requires hours and hours of memorizing large box patterns that just don’t make sense.

The Key to the Bootcamp

In this course, we keep things simple as we get back to the very heart of the scale and build a system that will allow you to play the scale in any key from any point on the fretboard.

You’ll learn:

  • The Major Pentatonic Scale Formula
  • How to Visualize the Scale on the Fretboard
  • Two Easy to Memorize Patterns
  • How to Link the Patterns and Play the Scale Anywhere on the Neck

This course includes a performance study to put these concepts into action and a solid 28-page practice guide to keep you on track.

If you’re brand new to scales, this course is a great place to start. If you already know the scale but struggle to navigate the maze of wrong notes on the fretboard, check out this course and see things in a different light. One that will have you organizing the fretboard in a simple and logical way.

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