Songbook: Jingle Bells


Looking for a little Holiday Fun to toss in your Songbook?

This course will walk you through the classic tune, Jingle Bells. If you only know one Christmas song, it should probably be this one 🙂

But beyond the novelty of this song, there’s quite a lot that you can learn from this song to help you level up your guitar skills. Seriously.

This course is divided into three Levels, each progressively more difficult than the last.

In Level 1, we’ll simply get to know the chord progression and learn that merry & bright melody.

In Level 2, we’ll add some movement in the bassline by working in the Alternating Bass technique.

Finally, in Level 3, we’ll swing the melody and get the boom-chick in full effect for a foot tappin’ version of Jingle Bells that will keep you pickin’ and grinin’.

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