Delta Blues Trail



It can be difficult to describe Delta Blues. This style of Blues is driven by many varied and often idiosyncratic players. But one common thread across the icons of Delta Blues is the sheer, honest power of the music.

In Delta Blues Trail, we’ll begin to explore the sounds that helped bring this powerful music to such a prominent place in music history.

In this 65-minute, 8-video course we’ll walk bar-by-bar through a Delta Blues arrangement in standard tuning.

The course is separated into three levels aimed at a late-beginner for Level 1, intermediate player for Level 2 and finally a late-intermediate to an advanced player for Level 3. There’s something in this one for just about any aspiring fingerpicker.

Be sure to use the Interactive Tab Player on each of the performance videos which allow you to loop selected parts or slow the performance down so you can go at your own pace.

Join me in this course, and let’s get on the Trail to this awesome and powerful music.


Your guide to becoming a better fingerstyle blues guitarist.

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