Songbook: Candy Man by Mississippi John Hurt




These are words you could use to describe Mississippi John Hurt’s general nature.

When you listen to him sing a few lines of a simple melody, you can almost see a smile on his face.

His picking is usually very steady, somewhat predictable, and built on a strong foundation of alternating basslines.

Candy Man is anything but predictable.

John Hurt really goes for it in this playful tune giving country blues pickers much to learn.

In this course, I’ll teach you the main sections of his 1966 recording of Candy Man in slow, beat-by-beat, note-by-note instructional videos.

The videos come with these additional resources:

  • Downloadable Guitar Pro 7 and PDF TAB files
  • Interactive Tab Player that Syncs with the Video
  • Song Arrangement Cheat Sheet
  • Multiple Angle Performance Video

If you’re ready to get deep into the picking style of the great, Mississippi John Hurt, then click below and start the course!

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