Songbook: Louis Collins by Mississippi John Hurt


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On point thumbpicking, bright melody and an amazing story.

These are the things you’ll hear in Mississippi John Hurt’s tune, Louis Collins.

This one, for the most part, is steady as it goes and it’s a great tune to jump into Country Blues with. Louis Collins will teach you the basics of Mr. Hurt’s overall picking style that will help you put other songs of his in your personal songbook.

For the adventurers among us, don’t worry, Mississippi John Hurt has a few subtle but effective tricks up his sleeve to keep us on our toes!

In this course, we’ll work from the 1966 recording on the, Today! album.

You’ll learn the intro, main verse melody and the guitar break as we study the arrangement and deepen your thumbpicking skills.

The performance video comes with the SoundSlice interactive tab player with multiple, selectable video angles so you can focus on what you need most.

If you’re ready to dive in and put this song in your songbook, click below and let’s get started!

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