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Players like Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller had a command of the guitar. To me, they shined the brightest in one style in particular:

Ragtime Guitar.

Ragtime catches the ear and begs your feet to start tappin’. But, it certainly isn’t an easy style to play.

Your thumb pulls double duty pumping out a clear alternating bassline while punching the chords with a deliberate bounce. All this builds a solid foundation underneath a bright and snappy melody being plucked out on the higher strings.

It takes a lot to get these parts to come together. In this Songbook course, John shows you how to play the entire 48-bar composition and offers tips for nailing each part along the way.

The arrangement is complete with a flashy intro, pumping verses, snappy choruses, and a tasty guitar break.

This course comes with 10 instructional videos guiding you through the composition and the necessary techniques. You’ll also have access to downloadable TAB Files (PDF and Guitar Pro 7 formats).

The performance video includes the SoundSlice Interactive Tab Player so you can slow down and loop any part of the video to help you learn at your own pace.

If you’re ready to throw everything you’ve got (plus the kitchen sink) at a fun and challenging Ragtime tune, click below to start the course.

Grab your guitar, tune up to standard tuning and let’s get started!

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